Dear Daughter


Dear daughter (an open letter),

On one regular week day in December your father and I unraveled the most amazing surprise that would change our lives for the better and forever. When we learned that you were on your way my eyes welled up, your father hugged me tight and smiled from ear to ear. The news filled our hearts with an incredible amount of joy that still lingers on. You’ll officially arrive in August or perhaps you’ll decide to come sooner, whichever date we can’t wait to greet and welcome you to our world with plenty of hugs and kisses.

After your arrival we promise to feed you, clothe you and keep you safe as well as provide you with an environment where you’ll be free to learn.

I dreamt about you just yesterday. We were walking in the park hand in hand and I stroked your hair. You then looked up at me and wrapped yourself around my leg. I felt so much joy.

I don’t know how it feels like to be a mother but I’ll soon find out. I already feel connected to you but once you arrive, our bond will begin to form and hopefully it will continue to strengthen with time.

We love you dear daughter.


Shared by: Monica Morgan

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